Monthly Archives: July 2008

Appearance changes

Morgan looks a bit different than she did a week ago thanks to two developments:

  • The onset of some pretty serious baby acne
  • A “male pattern baldness” receding hairline (daddy has more hair than Morgan now, woohoo!)

The hair, of course, is falling out because new permanent hair is beginning to grow; and the acne is (the American Academy of Pediatrics book assures us) a very temporary thing.

Morgan’s first bottle

In anticipation of Molly returning to work, I tried to give Morgan her first bottle last Thursday night. It went amazingly well, she drank the whole thing with little fuss.

I have yet to duplicate the ease of that first feeding, but have since successfully fed her with a bottle 4 times (the longest taking about 1 hour 15 minutes to get her to drink 2 oz).

Molly was able to work for a few hours last Friday morning (her first day back), and hopes to go in a couple different days this week (though perhaps still not for a full day, yet).

Forgot to mention: Yesterday was Morgan’s One Month “Birthday”

We were going to celebrate with a trip to Cold Stone Creamery (an ice cream shop). She managed to stay awake but calm in her stroller for almost 3/4 of the 20 minute walk there. This was, in and of itself, interesting. In the earlier days putting her in her stroller and pushing her over brick sidewalks was a sure-fire way to get her to fall asleep.

Anyway, we never quite made it into Cold Stone. We made it all the way there, but she was fussy. I tried to feed her, but that just resulted in a monumental spit up, the likes of which we had yet to see. Now mom and baby were sufficiently covered in spit up to make a trip into a public establishment (much less a restaurant) substantially less appealing. So we turned around and came home. Oh, and she was still fussing in her stroller, so dear old Dad ended up walking home with her in his arms. Very cute, but probably also tiring (for him, not her). These are the perils of trying to go out with an infant. You win some, you lose some.  Still, it was a nice night for a walk.

Bath time is becoming less torturous, more fun…

As I’ve mentioned before, we’ve graduated from sponge baths to actual tub baths (well, those little infant tubs you put on top of the kitchen sink anyway). In good news, Morgan seems to like the tub baths much more. For the most part, she sits quietly and contentedly while I bath her. She doesn’t even mind having water pored over her head, which I find surprising somehow.  We haven’t quite gotten to the point where we play in the tub, but still…less screaming is good!

Morgan and I Survived Our First Extended Time Alone!

I’m pleased to report both Morgan and I made it through our time alone early last week none the worse for wear. Jim left for his trip on Sunday afternoon, though Grandma & Grandpa Dahl were still around and helping out. They left around 3pm on Monday afternoon and Jim wasn’t going to return until 7pm on Tuesday. This left Morgan and me alone for roughly 27 hours.

While everything went relatively smoothly, it was interesting. Makes you realize how long things ‘really’ take. For instance, heating up some already prepared food (we had planned ahead) and eating it isn’t as instantaneous as it seems. I managed to get my dinner heated in the microwave on Monday evening. This took 2 minutes. Of course, an hour and a half later, I still hadn’t had the chance to eat it yet.

Anyway, Morgan and I both missed her Dad something fierce and were thrilled to have him back home again on Tuesday.

Cribs (and how we still don’t have one)

Everyone told us it could take up to 12 weeks to get a crib, so as soon as we began seriously shopping for baby stuff in April, we started with a crib.  We quickly found a crib and dresser set we liked:
Sorelle Vista (in French White)

April 27 — Pleased with the estimated delivery date of May 28, we order the crib, dresser, and a “mini siderail” (for conversion to a toddler bed) from an online store
April 28 — We receive an email delaying the order until June 27 (60 days in the future)
June 30 — We receive an email delaying the order until July 18 (18 days in the future)
July 21 — We receive an email delaying the order until Sept 18 (59 days in the future)
July 25 — We cancel the mini siderail, in hopes that the dresser and crib will ship sooner

In the middle of all this, we observed that at one point they had the dresser and were waiting on the crib, but later they had the crib but were waiting on the dresser. Suspicious of this, we began to suspect they were waiting for all three to coincidentally be in stock at the same time, rather than holding each piece for us as each became available.

Confronted on this, they assured us it wasn’t the case, and indeed have claimed to have a crib in stock with our name on it the last couple times we’ve called. As the most recent delay was for the mini-rail, we decided to cancel that piece (and will later place a separate order for it) in hopes of getting the dresser and crib sooner.

Visitors and travel

A week between postings — whew. A lot has happened since the last post:

  • Grandma and Grandpa Dahl came back to visit again (Fri-Mon) after a week at the beach
  • Jim went back to work for the first time since Morgan’s birth with a trip to St Louis (Sun-Tue)

That made updates difficult, but more soon… here’s Morgan and Jim resting.

Morgan and Jim rest

Morgan and Jim rest

A new escape skill, another movie

Morgan’s near-continuous flailing and helicopter-arms are starting to bear fruit, as she has learned to escape from her portable crib at night.  For the third night in a row, Morgan managed to fling herself completely free of her appointed sleeping area, forcing us to begin to close her in it at night.

Morgan’s Monday-night Bond tradition continued, this time joined by Molly and Jim, for out-of-this-world action in Moonraker.

And a couple more random photos.

Week 3 at home begins

I realized we hadn’t mentioned one of our weekly outings, concert night in the courtyard! Every Thursday during the summer, Pentagon Row hosts a concert in the courtyard of our apartment complex. We’ve been down there each week, though have no photos (which is probably why there was no mention of it yet). Morgan sleeps right through the whole thing, while Mom and Dad are able to grab a bite to eat outdoors and listen to some live music. All within steps of our door (in case of meltdown).

(Note: Morgan sleeps quite happily in her infant car seat/stroller combination outdoors, though often gets fussy indoors. Jim and I have taken to dining alfresco in a serious way.)

Grandma and Grandpa Wetzel came for lunch again last week and Grandma and Grandpa Dahl flew in from South Dakota for their first visit with Morgan on Saturday. Needless to say, Morgan was getting tons of love. Grandma Dahl is a tireless baby bouncer! Jim already posted some Grandparent photos below, so I’m not going to add any here.

As if all the Grandparent attention wasn’t enough, Morgan even had a visit from our friend Kirk Eisenbeis and his girlfriend, Kim. Due to various navigational difficulties and an impending flight out of BWI, Kirk and Kim were only able to stay for about 15 or 20 minutes. We were so busy chatting, we forgot to get photos! (This is the big ‘we don’t have photos’ post apparently). Anyway, Jim and I were super-flattered that they would come all this way just to meet Morgan when they couldn’t stay for very long. It was a very short, but very nice visit.

Oh, and since Morgan’s umbilical cord fell off and the belly button has pretty much healed, we were able to give her a proper bath this morning (as opposed to the much less effective sponge baths she’d had to date). She didn’t start screaming immediately upon hitting the water, which I take as a good sign. Though she did manage soil the water pretty quickly, thus rendering the tub somewhat ineffective as a baby cleaning device.

Grandma and Grandpa Dahl left this morning to go hang out with Grandma and Grandpa Wetzel at Litchfield Beach in SC, leaving Jim, Morgan, and me to our own devices for the better part of the week. They’ll be back (Grandparents Dahl) next weekend for another visit. Grandma and Grandpa Dahl will leave for SD next Monday, at which time Jim will be on a business trip. For those of you still paying attention, this means Mom will be home alone with Morgan next Monday night and all day Tuesday. I don’t expect any major difficulties, but it will be interesting.